~Stop Bullying…Speak Up and Defend, By Princesstale
“When I was young until about 8th grade, I have been bullied and betrayed by people I trusted. I really want to create something really inspirational that shouts something against bullying. It’s been a year now and I haven’t experienced bullying anymore. But who knows? The world is corrupt and only we, the victims and culprits could change that. I guess the meaning of my artwork is to ‘speak up and defend.’ If you see anyone being bullied, gather the courage to help them. Put that person in your shoes.”

One thought on “STOP BULLYING…SPEAK UP AND DEFEND, by Princesstale

  1. I think this bullying thing should not happen to young girls and boys.Its bad already that kids my age do not get to see the age of 21.

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