You’re not alone.
I know what it’s like.
It’s happened to me before.
You know those words?
Those harsh, cruel words?
They’re a burden I once bore.
Excluded, insulted,
Alone and unwanted–
Believe me, I can relate.
But their target is new.
Their target is you.
And they volley arrows of hate.
They don’t even see
How mean they can be,
Nor the scars they leave behind.
Just hang in there
Just don’t be scared
And know I’ll always be kind.
~You’re Not Alone, by Emily A
“A boy in my class, Tim, has been everyone’s target, lately. He’s been excluded, picked on, laughed at…just like I had been a few years back. I try to speak out against it, telling people to back off and all, but still they continue to harass him. Thing is, they think it’s nothing more than playful teasing. Obviously — to me, and more importantly, to Tim — it has become something much more. Here’s to you, Tim. You’re not Alone.”

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