My heart beats fast
my breaths come quick
i’m beginning to feel sick
and all it took
was a single word
Blood rushing out of my face
head spinning
adreniline- ready to run the race
to play the twisted game
A single memory
to make my world to black
I swore to God i could never go back
back to that maze
back to that paranah nest
My body shakes
i cant control
I try and smile
try to let it go
I can’t escape it,
I can feel it now
Its coming so fast,
Im going to drown
I hear your words
echo in my brain
i hear your laugh
Burn with your disdain
i feel your hate
and fight your fear
Fight, Flight, or freeze
they war inside me
I’ll hang another rope
I feel anger now
and hatred to
They hurt you
the way they hurt me too
but now you’ve stabbed me too
and taken their side
another knife in a cut up heart
Now you’ve joined them
as a painful memory
as a bully
My heart beats fast
my breath to quick
My sanity is starting to go
From 0 to 60
is all it takes
im back to what i was
and hurt
i snap, i bite and snarl
0- 60
thats all it takes
a second
a breath
Im back to that cage they trapped me in
a word
a look
On my knees again
i can feel the shame
taste the blood
and fear the pain
But i smirk
and i snarl
poison on my tongue
Because i can’t let it show
Pushed me to the dirt
So the words would hurt
Im terrified and falling
From a memory
a pain that will never fade
a memory time cant erase
My heart races fast
Im terrified
~Memories of the Past, by Alex
“When I see those who hurt me so bad, i feel it all over again, i feel sick, and I start to lose it all over again.”

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