BULLY, by Grace B

“Going nowhere” They said.
Brushing it off the best he can
Bullying doesn’t help anyone
Staring at him
Jeering at him
Helping him ISN’T out of the question
Siding with the bully IS out of the question
Pretending this isn’t happening to him
Killing him slowly inside
Smiling comes a girl he’s never seen before
Holding her hand out she’s
Taking him somewhere
Going with her is
Frightening, since he doesn’t know her
Entering a world with no
Sneering, instead there’s
Loving and
Caring, someone finally took initiative.
~Bully, by Grace B
“The idea for this poem came from my experience of getting bullied. But, instead the boy got help where I did not. And I switched the gender. But, I do want people to know that it does get better. Never give up hope. Just because one person is mean doesn’t mean the rest of the world is.”

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