I’m a girl

I’m a boy

I don’t have a specific gender

I don’t know my gender

My name is too uncommon

My name is common

I have a baby face

I look older for my age

I’m childish

I’m mature

I’m young

I’m old

I’m a cry baby

I’m happy-go-lucky

I have many friends

I have 1-3 close friends

I’m in a gang with bad influences

I’m someone with excellent morals

I wear diapers

I wear underwear

I’m the new kid

I move around to much

I’m gay

I’m straight

I’m poor

I’m rich

I have siblings

I’m an only child

I’m a lesbian

I’m bi

I’m in main stream

I’m in special Ed

I think with an imagination

I think with logical sense

I have both parents

I have one parent

I have no parents

I’m adopted

I’m a foster child

I have divorced parents

My parents are still together

I’m popular

I’m a loner

My mom left

My dad left

I’m single

I’m taken

I’m pan

I’m trans

I’m not that bright

I’m very bright

I’m black

I’m white

I’m hispanic

I’m italian

I’m Asian

I’m a different nationality

I’m a foreign exchange student

I’m pale

I’m tan

I have a parent who is an alcoholic

I have a parent who does illegal drugs

I have a part time job

I have a full time job

I have no job

I can’t read

I can’t do math

I can’t spell

I have glasses

I have contacts

I don’t need glasses

I’m and actor

I’m an athlete

I’m a musician

I’m a cheerleader

I have freckles

I have red hair

I have black hair

I have blonde hair

I have brown hair

I’m sickly

I’m healthy

I’m thin

I’m heavy

I have a small bust

I have a big bust

I haven’t hit puberty yet

I hit puberty early

I just hit puberty

I’m questioning my sexuality

I know my sexuality

I look too feminine

I look too masculine

I’m Jewish

I’m Christian

I’m Catholic

I’m Buddhist

I’m Pagan

I’m atheist

I’m agnostic

I’m a different religion

I’m a “goth”

I’m a “prep”

I’m a “nerd”

I’m a “social butterfly”

I’m tall

I’m short

I’m lactose-in-tolerant

I have diabetes

I have other food allergies

I have no food problems

My sibling has a disability

I have a family member with a disability

I have a disability

I’m a virgin

I lost my virginity

I was raped

I was almost raped

I was never raped

I was molested

I wasn’t molested

My parents abuse me

My mom abuses me

My dad abuses me

My parents never abused me

I’m taking my time with my partner

I did it already with my partner within less than a year of us dating

I don’t want sex till marriage

I already had sex after marriage

I had an abortion

I had kid when i was very young

I’m a teen mom

I’m teen dad

I had a miscarriage

I can’t get fertilize

I have aids

I have an STD

I have two gay parents

I have one gay parent

I have straight parents

I’m democratic

I’m republican

I’m independent

I go to public school

I go to private school

I’m home schooled

I’m deaf

I’m blind

I can’t walk

I can’t speak

Bullying happens to me, to you, to everyone.
If we are alike in some shape or form, then…
Why would you bully anyone?

~Why Would You Bully Anyone? by Paige T. Robkoff
“We are all different for a reason.”

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