NAME CALLING, by Jessica S

I’m not selfish, because I’m writing this for all.
I’m not mean, because I don’t know what that means
I’m not dumb, because I can write this
I’m not stupid, because I know that’s a mean word
I’m not fat, because your skinny
I’m not ugly, because I’ve got a beautiful soul
I’m not weird, because I like who I am
I’m not fake because all these words aren’t me
I’m not listening because I’ve grown tired
I’m not writing anymore because you should see, That all these names are just not me
There just who YOU make me out to be.
And I’m not a liar.
~name calling, by Jessica S
“I wrote this because i’ve noticed that bullying is just a big issue, it always has been and i just wish that the bullies would stop and think what that other kid may think or feel at the end of the day.”

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