~Don’t Let Bullies In Your Head, by Linda R

1 thought on “DON’T LET BULLIES IN YOUR HEAD, by Linda R”

  1. I agree. Just because you were bullied doesn't make you a victim and you don't have to be ashamed because other people are behaving like pathetic assholes. Never give up on yourself. Sometimes you find solace and things begin to go well and then you run across another bully or a mob of bullies and you think, “will it ever stop?” No, there will always be bullies but you can still find your safe places and safe people. Don't give up because there are loads of assholes in the world and loads of cowards ready to follow the asshole because they are too afraid to speak up; that doesn't make you bad. Always be a loyal friend to yourself and learn and read and improve and don't become a bully but it's okay to speak up, you don't have to be nice to everyone. When people say mean things speak up or roll your eyes or think in your head, “Whatever asshole” and then focus on what you want to do and remember this person isn't your master.

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