BULLYING, by Chrissy B

Bullying is a funny thing.
It chews you up,
and spits you out,
and jumbles you around.
You never know where you’re going,
You never know what to think,
and you never know what to feel
once bullying comes your way.
The school hours drag by longer
and it seems it will never end
but then it does and you relax
until it comes for you again.
And funnily enough, when it’s gone
and buried in your mind,
the feelings return in a second
once you feel the world is ending
and waves of sadness rear their ugly heads
and drown you in the years of torment and self-hatred.
Until you remember who you are
and what you’ve done
since you were a nobody in a playground
with nothing but whispers of dreams
to guide your way.
And then you smile.
~Bullying, by Chrissy B
“For me, the poem is describes someone who used to be bullied, and still feels as helpless and as silly as they did back then, but must realise that they are no longer who they used to be, and that in their seemingly meaningless and short life there have been moments that can be treasured. It is a coping mechanism for a lost soul… who may not be as lost as they feel.”

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