BULLYING, by Mickala P

The words cut deeper
Then the blade ever did
The pain last longer
Then the scars on their wrists
They try to shrug it off
They try to make it a all joke
But every night they choke
Back the tears and pain
Wondering if their lives will ever be the same
But that is the game
That bullies like to play
Their Stuck in a rut
Never to prevail
The once passing grades
Soon start to fail
Teacher start to worry
Mothers start to fret
Both have seen the blood stain
On the child’s pure white vest
Pushing and name calling
The torturer never ends
Not until you decide to be a real true friend
Make your voices heard
Don’t be afraid to speak out
And maybe one day
Some day
Bullying will be forever stomped out.
~Bullying, by Mickala P

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