HALF-MOON SCARS, by Anonymous

People tell you that ignoring them works best. It doesn’t. Because you cannot ignore someone forever. And they will stand there forever, picking at everything they know about you, the tiny little scars they see up your arms, the scars they caused. And you will eventually snap. You always do. No matter how long you ignore them, you always snap in the end. Always.
The truth is, eventually these people will grow up. They may regret, they may not. Odds are on the latter. Just because you’re diiferent, you stand out, they pick you to beat down. But think of it this way. You are different. you are different, and they aren’t. There will be hundreds of people just like them. Hundreds of people who will bully you and hate you, but in the end, that’s it.
That is all they’re worth.
That is all they’ll ever be.
You can be so much more. You are so much more. And you will have the last laugh. Whether it’s the scrawny kid who got the snot beaten out of him every day then steals the quarterback’s girlfriend in college, the hippie who gets a degree in law, the reject who becomes a CEO. Or the overachiever who becomes a best-selling novelist. We are what we let ourselves be.
Let yourself be wonderful.
Let yourself be magnificent.
Because that is what you are.
What you will be.
~Half-Moon Scars, by Anonymous
“I’ve always had problems with bullying, but recently I’ve had some issues with cutting, except instead of using razor-blades, I instead decided to use my fingernails. Now, after about two years of off-and-on problems, I’ve got all these dark crescents up my left arm. This is me deciding to stop.”

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