You shouldn’t have bullied, and you shouldn’t have lied.
The course of your actions and the force of your words,
are part of the reason they chose suicide.
Like a plague this hatred spreads,
consuming those in its way;
and sometimes lives are taken,
so what have you to say?
Have you no shame for the damage you’ve done?
Have you no resentment for that person holding a loaded gun?
Don’t harass and don’t degrade.
Don’t be an ass; but look at the monster you’ve made.
Do you feel empowered by the pain you’ve inflicted?
Doesn’t it hurt now that the tables have shifted?
What about the people you’ve hurt,
and the lives now lost?
When you laugh, taunt and tease –
just remember that life is never as simple as you see.
When you push, hit and insult –
do you even know the result?
You disrespect your fellow peers,
to make yourself look better or to please a certain crowd;
but what you don’t understand is that while you’re feeling proud,
the victim to your madness may or may not survive this round.
Think before you act and contemplate what you say,
because your choices may decide the fate of another day.
~You Shouldn’t Have, So Don’t, by Jessica M
“The meaning behind or to this piece is to hopefully bring awareness that bullying is not ‘just a game’ and no matter what, it is NOT acceptable and comes with consequences.”

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