~R.I.P. Meagan Leigh Anderson, by Abigail E
“I drew this picture for my friend Meagan Leigh Anderson! She was a 14 year old that went to high school with me. We were both freshmen and band members in our high school band. We both marched and we were like sisters. Meagan was being bullied though…it is hard to say what happened to her it leaves me crying every night….She was bullied so much that she took her life on Monday April 16,2012. I did not know she was being bullied….All i know is that i miss her…….Im threw with bullies they make me sick! Also I just want to say one more thing. Suicide is not an easy way out. It is a way out of a temporary problem. It is also NOT COWARDLY of the person that did it. The Cowardly person is the person that bullied. I love you Meagan and I miss you very much!”

5 thoughts on “R.I.P. MEAGAN LEIGH ANDERSON, by Abigail E”

  1. may she rip. I lost a friend when I was in high school, but not to bullying, just to stupid things as well. I miss him to this day, but always remember, her commitment was never due to you. She's watching over you right now and i bet she appreciated your friendship. 🙂 My thoughts will be with you

  2. Rest in peace Meagan. I'm glad you were her best friend, Abigail. It's really hard losing some one you care about. I lost my grandpa a few years ago and it was extremely difficult for me to move on. He was a father to me since my dad was abusive toward me. Thank you so much for being her friend and always remember that she is watching over you and is always with you.

  3. Thanks Rachel. Yea Meagan was like a sister to me ❤ I love her very much and talk about her every chance I can. She will never be forgotten by me or a lot of others. It is really hard to move on I havent moved on myself….

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