~Sticks and Stones, by Lymphae
“It’s a symbolic picture; the skull represents vulnerability as a person, and the way it twists together near the bottom is supposed to symbolize how tangled up a person’s emotions can become due to their victimization. There are words imprinted on their body because these words are scars, and they are burned into the memory of the victim for a lifetime. In the center are the words, ‘Not Worth Anything.’ because that’s basically what the victim ends up denoting themselves as; someone who is not worth anything. The noose around the neck of the skull and the gun are both created out of words because that’s what drives the victim towards suicide- words of hate and disgust. Finally, there’s a bottle of Advil in the skeleton’s hands. That’s self-explanatory, but it’s also ironic because Advil is a well-known pain-killer, whereas in this case, it’s being used as a weapon for self-destruction.”

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