~Sticks and Stones, by Michael 
“…Those were supposed to be roses. We see how well that turned out. *cough*Carnations.*cough* ~*~

It’s a problem that’s way out of hand, however much parents may or may not want to pretend it isn’t. Your kids can be brutal even if you don’t think they are; just ask their peers at school and take a vote.

Bullying’s gotten to be an even bigger problem lately than it used to be, partly because there are so many new ways to go about it. Whatever the method used, just keep in mind that the embarrassment and harassment are temporary; they’re meant to hurt and break and belittle and rape your sense of self-worth.

Words have more power than people give them credit for – especially if you’re young and desperately seeking acceptance from your misguided, cruel peers. The thing to remember is that only the people who are important to you – people like your friends and loved ones who you’d take a bullet for, not the “important” popular kids at school – matter, not what the bullies say.”

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