~Army of the Damned, by Amy Lee S
“This work was done for my Year 12 HSC Major Work for Art. It reflects the pain from bullying symbolized by the dangerous, menacing creatures.
The work itself holds lyrics and figures from various KoRn songs and albums, to which have reflected a lot of emotions felt by victims of bullying.
The singer of KoRn himself had suffered at the hands of bullys, as well as abuse by his family members, experiences with drugs an alcohol, and in his music he reflects him torment.
The figures seen in the middle are people I know personally that have been bullied or abused in their lives. The figure at the front in a boy which is seen on many KoRn albums. In his hand he holds a heart that is crumbling, signifying the crumbling hope of victims of bullying.
The bricks symbolize the wall that divides victims of bullying from living a relatively normal and stress-free life, while the broken mirror pieces is a reflection back on the viewer of the work, asking ‘Who are you?’, whether you are a bully or a victim or a witness.
Finally, the image of the group is also a symbol of an army, the grouping of victims to support and stand together to break through the wall that withholds their lives.
Throughout my childhood I was bullied, I know how it feels. Especially when you are young, if reflects how you feel as you grow. But I found myself a group of friends who have suffered at the hand of their tormentors, and together we brought them down and exposed who they really were, to their friends, their families. They have not bothered us since.”

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