RIP Brian, by Samantha F

My brain radiated through my skull
Twisting, turning, electrified
I should be concentrating on my scholarship speech
But I can only concentrate on his suicide
Is it okay to cry when he was just an acquaintance not a close friend
Is it okay to wonder why he brought everything to an end
Is it okay to demand answers for why another year has passed
And yet again another person has passed
At their own hand
Is it okay to demand
For people to look up
Stop being so stuck up
To change their way
So maybe one more person will live another day
But they won’t this is rich town
The town of no permanent consequences for your actions
Where peoples reactions
Remain trapped inside
Till they can’t stand it and end it in this thing called suicide

~RIP Brian, by Samantha F
“This is by far not my best poetry but I wrote it in less then two minutes due to a flood of emotion. Tonight an acquaintance of mine killed themself so I feel a little awkward posting this since he wasn’t a close friend. But each year one-two people at my high school kill themselves. I live in a really stuck up town and we have a huge bullying problem but no one ever does a thing about it. I pray some day this town will change but until then I post this.”

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