HERO, by Rachel L

~Hero, by Rachel L
“I drew this picture for Tevin T. He asked me if I could draw him and I spent a lot of time thinking about how to draw him. I realized that he put a picture on here. and so I wanted this picture to have something to do with standing up against bullying. Tevin is defiantly a hero to me even though I don’t really know him. I’m thankful that he’s standing up against bullying and reaching out to others through his work. It really means a lot. That’s why I gave him wings… He’s the voice to the ones who can’t find it in themselves. I found the song called “Hero” by Superchick and I thought that it fit really well so I put the lyrics in the background.”
*I used the outline for the body and most of the ripples on the shirt for reference. The outline and ripples belongs to — http://revelsyn.deviantart.com/art/angel-guy-58843091 *

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