The Tale Of Bullying
Picked upon for being different,
Frowned upon for trying to fit in,
Why have things changed so much,
Since she announced that one little thing?

Nothing’s changed about her,
She’s always been this way,
And she only told the world the truth,
To make the rumours go away.

The bullying got pretty bad at one point,
Made her want to self-harm,
But she’d promise she’d never do that,
So she tried to remain calm.

Nobody really understood her,
Because she was always so distant,
So she figured if she ended her life,
She wouldn’t really be missed much.

So she carried out her plan,
In a bottle, found some pills,
She overdosed and soon died,
Hoping the bullies would feel guilt.

But her wish must have been denied,
Because although she escaped the pain,
The bullies moved onto the next victim,
And the story starts again.

~The Tale of Bullying, by Lizz VK
“I wrote it shortly after coming out as bisexual at my school and I was being bullied for it. It really helped me to cope with the bullying and express my feelings.”

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