Life these days they say it’ll all be fine,
She’s so tired of hearing him call her mine.
It’s so twisted,
Caught herself wondering if she’ll ever miss it?
Oh a blessing! Oh a blessing?!
She cries, always second guessing.
It’s so hard never knowing what to do,
No one’s listening who ever she’s talking to…
So what does it matter?
Line em up, she’s just another batter.
Stepping up to the plate,
Hoping to put something on the slate.
Three strikes “You’re out!”
Coach is screaming, more words to fill her with doubt.
It’s so hard staying alive,
When there’s nothing for you to strive,
Should she cry?
No, It’s better to play brave and die a lie.
Besides, no one listens, on one cares.
No one senses these feelings she never shares.
She always sways to what others prefer,
          What they don’t know
                    will kill
                              her. . .

~Without Purpose? by Katelyn S
“The results of bullying. . .one feels as though life is without purpose. That there isn’t a point to living any longer. . .is there?”

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