I have a monster in my head
and it wants to come out
You’ve fed it, it has grown
from your actions did it sprout

I try to hold it back
but it’s so utterly mad
I can’t hold it back
it’s the worst I’ve had

Stronger and stronger
It breaks apart my walls
I can’t hold it back
My final barrier falls

It fights, it kicks
it bites, now you fall
You’ve had it coming
for yet another call

You push me around
now you will get it back
run away if you can
it’s your skull I’ll crack

This monster inside
I will no longer hide
it has destroyed its cage
you will feel all my rage

~Monster inside my head, by Arjen
“Bullies create a monster inside the minds of those they bully. Sometimes that monster
comes out against the bully, who will feel the rage of every time they bullied. Sometimes that monster eats the one who is being bullied from the inside out, it’s a monster only felt by the bullied.”

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