A NEED FOR AN END, by Charles P

~A Need for an End, by Charles P
“I really don’t even know where to begin…
All my life, I’ve had it rather nice. Throughout the school years, I made plenty of friends, and never really had an issue with… well… anyone. Of course I had the typical run-ins with typical douchebags, but that was nothing. It was easy to just brush them off, and continue my day unaffected.
For many out there though, it’s not that simple. For the people out there:
– Who go out just to be tormented by their classmates.
– Who want to be happy, but are always kicked while they’re down.
– Who try to live as the person they really are, not what people want them to be, and much more, brushing it off is just not that simple.

That is why Sips and I are making our stand on this firm. It kills me to know that there are people out there who are treated so badly, for the most moronic of reasons. That people are tormented because a kid, or group of kids want to make themselves feel better, or just put others down.

But this also leads me to saying this… To those who—
– Are themselves, regardless of what others say,
– Battle through any mean or worthless things thrown at them,
– Keep looking forward,
– Stay strong,
You are amazing, and deserve nothing less than to know this.

I know I can’t change all of the wrong in the world, but I wish I could. One of the main reasons behind my art is, if nothing more, to make others smile. To ruin another’s day for no reason goes against everything I stand for.

Maybe one day things really will change.”

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