THEN AND NOW, by Tianna R

Who knew I would become a killer?
Who knew you would become a winner?
At the time I thought it was okay,
but deep inside you knew it wasn’t child’s play.
I realize now that I was wrong and you were right,
that mistake is all I think about at night.
Now, I’m a hopeless mess.
All finally you have won the best.
I wish now I wasn’t such a fool, but at the time I thought it was cool.
If you’re listening this is my apology, but i bet your too busy with psychology.
This, for me is the end as I’m facing life in jail,
please…won’t u let my make amends?

~Then and Now, by Tianna R
“I don’t usually write poetry but I felt a message had to be displayed! For those who have been or are being currently bullied right now, don’t worry things will get better and YOU will end up with the better life! Bullies may think they are cool at the time but later in life there will be many complications for them! Don’t ever give up! Tell people! And live your life at ease! And Just to say, no matter what you think ALOT of people love you, including me”

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