TROLLS, by Laura K

Fingers to the keys,
spewing out all the poison in your mind.
“I hate you,
I think you should go die”
Sticks and stones may be the punishments I choose myself,
for being so unworthy in this person’s eyes.
I walk around these words emblazoned on my flesh.
” Ugly, fat, stupid.”
I shrink from people’s gazes, knowing that if some
stranger behind a screen sees me this way,
It must be the truth.

If I try and combat it,
If I push against the inevitability of their criticism,
it’s like screaming into a void.

Why can’t we take a stand?

~Trolls, by Laura K
“A poem about cyber-bullying
I’m watching a documentary called the Anti-Social Network that the BBC did, and I just feel very strongly about this issue because I have been cyber-bullied, and have encountered cyber-bullying in many forms.
Also at least 10 teenagers/ young adults have killed themselves in the past 6 months from my area, one of them being a classmate of mine.
It’s not known if they were being subjected to cyber-bullying.”

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