~Shadow Moon origin: a bullied nopony, by Essa Y (aka, DeMoN8EyE)
“Lots of us know a cartoon called My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, and if you are familiar with the show, you would notice how it based on respect, friendship, understanding eash other,,, etc…. but what if the complete opposite happened to one particular pony? a pony got bullied for so long that her “cutie mark” is based on hate, darkness and revenge? this is when my idea of this pony and this artwork are born …..This artwork is telling the story of how this pony named Shadow Moon became an evil pony. the artwork shows that she is an adult, yet still hunted by her past ….. yes she became a powerful evil pony with super abilities, but deep inside she is still the little young bullied pony who still wonders what have she done to deserve all the pain.”

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