To Write LOVE, by Andria Detzler Photography

~To Write LOVE, by Andria R. Detzler Photography
“At WWU there is a day every year where we write “LOVE” on our arms to support those struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury, and suicide. My roomate designed her’s on her arm in such a unique way that it touched me. I was bullied as a child because I was tall, different, and had no social skills and often came home crying every day with no guts to tell my Mother what was going on. In Jr. High I choose to scrape up the back of my hands and have suffered from anxiety, never wanting to go to school. The help of a family counselor brought my childhood issues to light with my Mom, and the intervention while I was in Jr. High helped me get past my pain and confusion. Being able to be honest about what has happened to me at WWU and the openness and understanding on campus shows that there are people out there honoring you for your trials, and there is always an outstretched arm with LOVE written all over it.”

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