PLEASE READ, by marricakes

I myself am a victim of bullying i have been called horrible things and told that i should just end it and i thought about ending it i thought it was my only way to make the pain stop.That’s why for all the other people out there who get bullied i want you to know that your not alone and that you should never take your own life. i used to hurt myself but i have stopped and if you are you should too. You are important and here for a reason don’t ever let anyone ever tell you other wise. And for those of you who may not be being bullied if you see someone being bullied say something you never know who you could save. I have been bullied since the first grade and if i didn’t find some of the people that i know now and that includes all of you. You might not have been reading this so please help anyone you may see being hurt physicality or verbally say something please because everyone has a reason to live.Because even though hey may look like nothing’s wrong doesn’t always mean that thier not in pain

~Please Read, by marricakes

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