~Those Tears are Lying, by Jenny D
“I basically drew this for all the people facing depression, are bullied, or abused or anything like that. On her tears, I put in words like one side being positive saying she’s wonderful and amazing, the other would be words worthless bullies would say. I wanted to tell people with this drawing to never listen to what other people say if it’s something like “you’re worthless” or ‘ugly’ or some shit like that. If you think about it, why the heck would they be wasting their time making you feel bad for? Most likely, just something that they’re jealous of. I used to be bullied a lot back then,so I could relate to how it felt as well, being ganged up by a whole group of people and such. But if they can’t face you alone, then they’re just scared ’cause they know that they don’t stand a chance against someone that’s better than they are.”

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