There once was a girl named Violet
Who went on a water-based diet
Because people at school called her fat
And she believed every word of that.

She put all her food in a napkin
And began to look extremely thin
And sense she couldn’t see any clearer
All she saw was fat in the mirror

But still the taunts grew on
Even though her fat was gone
So she stayed in her room all day
And her parents continued to pray

One day she found a bottle of pills
She wrote a note and her will
She took them all, one by one
Until her heart-beat was finally done

Her parents found her on the bed
With the empty bottle by her head.
The mother kneeled down and cried
For their poor Violet had died.

Even though her pain was like a knife
Was it really worth it to end her life?

~Violets Suicide, by Ellenah G
“This poem is about what happens when people are bullied because of how they look. Things like this could lead to Anorexia Bulimia or even death. Suicide is even more common among teenagers. So please, don’t bully people. It may seem like a joke to you, but it can psychically and mentally hurt someone else. I didn’t know this person, but I heard about her.”

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