LIL MINI ME, by Chantal O. J

I know what they say,
“Oh look at her, i’m sure she pukes up her lunch”.
You may see me and think i’m happy for being underweight,
But i’m not.

I see the stares, and hear the hateful words.
I try and hide myself from your hateful glare,
I try and try to be perfect for you.
But it isn’t enough.

You joke about my body and my weight,
I give a fake smile and say its ok,
But inside i’m dying desperately trying to please your simple eyes.

I’m sorry i’m not perfect,
That i’m below your standards of beauty.
I’m sorry i cant be like you,
“little Miss.Perfect” .

I try my best everyday,
But i cant seem to gain, only to lose.

~Lil Mini Me, by Chantal O. J

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