I’M A BULLY, by Alonaria

~I’m a Bully, by Alonaria
“This image came into creation while thinking upon a meeting I had just today with a girl who used to bully me. It turned out she’d been going through a lot of shit at home, and -though it wasn’t right to take it out on me and others- I felt guilty for just thinking she wasn’t nice. She sincerely apologized to me, and told me that she was going to a good therapist who was really helping her. Then she hugged me and left.

Like I said, it isn’t right to take things out on others. But you need to understand the situation as well as the mindset of the other as well. If anything, you could blame the ones hurting the ‘bully.’ But then, you could blame any number of people and it wouldn’t help anyone.”

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