DON’T HATE ME, by Cathleen O

~Don’t Hate Me, by Cathleen O
“This drawing I did was inspired by my true feelings about bullying. I get hated on a lot, mainly everyday by a lot of people. Yes, I have been bullied before and that was about a couple years ago, sometimes it still haunts me till this day. Walking the halls of my school, sometimes you can only catch a glimpse of other people getting bullied. You walk past it, not wanting to get involved in someone else’s problems, but what happens when the next week you’re the victim? That person you didn’t help won’t help you. You ignored them. But what if that person that was getting bullied didn’t show up for school anymore? That they committed could have helped them. Gave them hope that there was at least one person that cared. Bullying goes on all around us, some of them get stopped, but most of the time it doesn’t and usually ends up in the death of the victim. Don’t turn towards will get better. Talk to someone, got to a guidance councilor in your school, go to a teacher or and adult. Put an end to the bullying. Save a life. Suicide isn’t the answer, it’s a selfish short-cut to a way out, to avoid it. Don’t hate people for no reason, don’t hate on them to begin with, you don’t have to be in their life and treat them like that. Don’t like them? Don’t talk to them. Have something hateful to say, don’t say it. Keep it to yourself and move on. Talking hate and negativity to someone can be taken the wrong way, even if you’re just goofing around. If you’re not careful, those kids you were bullying/teasing, will never be able to walk those halls or streets again..
If you’re the on getting bullied, please, stay strong. There are people out there that will be willing to help you pull through. Don’t take the selfish way out. Pull through, those people hating are most likely jealous of you or trying to make themselves look good, but they’re not. They’re only showing how weak they actually are. No matter who you are, you have a bright future ahead of you, keep going strong, never give up. You need to get up, and keep your head held high.
The meaning of this drawing I did, was someone getting bullied. That all the hate being thrown his way has sealed his mouth. He’s become so scared that he won’t speak a word to anyone about it. When you’re being bullied it does seem that way, but you need to break that seal, you have a voice, you need to use it.”

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