REACH OUT, by Cathleen O

~Reach Out, by Cathleen O
“This drawing I did recently describes what I felt when ever I was depressed or when I was cutting. No they both haven’t completely gone away, depression hovers over me and follows me like a shadow. The temptation of cutting crawls up underneath my very skin and torments me in the worst of times. Scratching, and or picking at my skin has helped me cope with not cutting, but sometimes it’s just not enough. I know there’s a lot of people out there that turn to things like that, that cut, who are depressed. They close themselves off from the world, from communication. Getting along with everyone around you becomes more difficult. Please don’t shut people out of your life. If somethings wrong, talk to someone. There ARE people out there that would risk anything for you. People out there that live just to see you smile. Don’t think that it’s all over and that nothing will ever change. Because it will, things will get better for you. I promise.
The closed hand in the drawing represents that when you’re in that stage, of depression or even cutting, that you don’t really want anyone’s help. You don’t want to hear what they have to say about anything. You don’t want them to worry so you put on your mask of a fake smile and act as if everything alright. The hand reaching out to the other is symbolizing someone that wants to help that individual. God? a guardian angel? Or maybe just someone that came in at the right time. There are people out there that will help you. Don’t give up. And if you’re the person that is trying to help someone, or you know someone that is going through this, help them. With that stage they’re in unchecked, they just sink deeper and deeper within themselves, soon they will be lost. Notice the signs and remember, sometimes a person’s silence is their loudest cry for help.”

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