FALLING, by Cathleen O

~Falling, by Cathleen O
“No matter your size, shape, color, or religion, everyone has gone through that phase at one point or another in their life. That part of your life where all you can do is watch the world fly by as you sink deeper and deeper into the abyss,
                     and falling
letting God decide what’s next for you. Sometimes you’re strong enough to break free and pull yourself out of the darkness. But others aren’t so lucky. They’re just too far gone, their bodies numb, not even the sharpest pains can budge them, mindless corpses rotting and deteriorating from the inside out.
At that point you just don’t care; you just don’t care if you live or die. You can’t sleep. Your mind feels as if it’s going a thousand miles an hour. Muffled voices of friends and family reach out to you, try to grasp you. But you don’t listen. You can’t eat. You think to yourself, ‘What’s the point?..’ Your stomach starts to shrink and anything that you try and eat makes you sick. Loosing interest in things concerning your everyday life. You start to grow weaker, colder. Everyday seems to feel like an eternity. You want to give up. Die. but you just can’t.”

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