DYKE, by 0L50NJ4

I am not gay
I’m not a dyke
I’m not a man
dressed in a bra and heels with spikes
yet this is what you called me
and now your words
so many years later
ring in my head
make me wish for death

yes it’s all commin’ down
it’s all commin’ down now

because I am alive
they say I have survived
this is a lie
the only reason I exist
is because there was no way out for me
no quick death
so comforting and free
no chance at

and yet you still see me
as the same person as before
despised in your eyes
an ugly degenerate whore

this is what you said to me
it rings in my head
makes me wish I was dead

Yes it’s all commin’ down now
and soon I will end up

if nothing else
pass this along
and sing this song
so that others may know
you are not alone
I was “teased” too
hated and despised
even in the adults eyes

the world does even now hate me
because I am

~Dyke, by 0L50NJ4

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