OUTSIDER, by Klara C

~Outsider, by Klara C
“None of us are exactly the same or perfectly alike, however some fit better together than others, and once you’ve found those around you who you fit well with, it’s easy to forget the rest who are just that little bit different. Even if straight up bullying with namecalling and such isn’t always a problem, the fact that some individuals are simply left out or seemingly forgotten by their surroundings can be just as hurtful and will most likely make the excluded one feel even more out of place. Some wouldn’t call it bullying, and it can be hard to decide where we are to draw the line for what is an isn’t bullying. I believe this IS a form of bullying, although it isn’t as discussed as in those cases where verbal and physical abuse is a factor as well, this form of bullying is left in the shadows and considered “less harmful”, although that is far from the truth. Having been there myself, I know the feeling of being left out, seemingly forgotten or as if I don’t even exist can be just as painful and torturing.”

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