STORM, by N. S

~Storm, by N. S
“A never ending storm, a hurricane breaking all I had, that’s what the bullying was to me. I have been bullied for about 10 years, only just has the tide turned. It seemed like day would never come. The bullying made me rather depressive, feeling like it was never good enough, blaming myself since it kept happening. Though the storm of mean words and acts held on long, and it was tough to hold on, eventually the sun broke through, and the bullying stopped. It was difficult not to run away and hide from all the pain they caused, but it made me a stronger person, capable of standing on my own two feet. I hope, that any and everyone, reading this, who is in the same position, or has been, remembers they are not alone. It might seem to last like an eternity, but there will come an end to it eventually, don’t let them win by quitting.”

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