“October is Anti-Bullying month ~This was just an hour quick draw. I just wanted to show my support to help stop bullying. It’s so horrible. I don’t see what makes people do such things. They don’t know if their victims will go home and commit suicide or pull a gun on them. It’s cruel, what do people do to deserve such terrible treatment?! I’ve been bullied up until 7th grade. It completely stopped when I went into high school. I’m extremely grateful for all of all the amazing teachers, staff, friends and classmates I have there. They saved me from most likely killing myself. I remember two boys (In 3rd Grade.) they would beat me every day for no reason, they just wanted to see me cry. One day I had to play dead to get them away. I never told my family about it until years later because I was so afraid. Then as I got older people would pick on me and call me “stick figure” or “bones” or accuse me of being bulimic or anorexic because of my weight. Even now at 17 I haven’t even hit 80 pounds.

Now the biggest bully I face is my own father. He constantly bashes on my mom, cursing about her and what not. He hasn’t talked to me for six months and this isn’t the first time he’s neglected me. He’s using me to get to my mom and it’s killing me. Last night I nearly slit my wrists with my pocket knife but I threw the knife down and ran to my mom and step dad for help. That was the second day of my deep depression that nearly sent me to death. I’m just glad that I reached out to my family for help when I did.

I know we aren’t perfect. If I could I would beg forgiveness to a boy I bullied when I was 12. I’ve regretted it to this day and will carry that regret to my grave. I will regret it for my entire life.

So enough of hearing me rant on, I just wanted to prove my point that if you bully, you are killing an innocent human being. Bullying is illegal (At least were I live) so if you do it you will receive punishment. Save a life, stop bullying, help others from lifelong pain.”

1 thought on “STOP BULLYING! SAVE A LIFE! SPIRIT DAY, by Brianna L”

  1. Have you ever ben bullyed becuse i have and it hurts like people stabing you with anife i just want to screem

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