SEEKING SOLACE, by Sarah Cecilie K

~Seeking Solace, by Sarah Cecilie K
“The lyrics are from the band ‘My Dying Bride’s song ‘The Isis Script,’ which inspired me to draw this, as I thought of all the bullying I’ve been through in my life, while listening to it. When I was younger, all I could think of was how I needed a friend to help me, to be there for me. No one was there, though, so I was on my own. It was very harsh and lonely to be daily exposed to violence and bullying.
Even though I’m not being bullied now, it still haunts me. Some days I cannot pull myself together to do anything because it’s all too overwhelming, and that’s when I need someone to help me and pull me up. This is what “Seeking Solace” is about. No matter what, everyone needs someone to comfort them in situations like this – else it’s going to tear one apart.
Since I didn’t have any friends around me, the music has always been there instead to help me when things got/gets out of hand. It’s calming me and offering me comfort. Without it I couldn’t survive.”

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