SIMPLE GIRL, by Emerald Weimer

She was a simple little girl
Like any other, all she wanted was a happy ending
She wanted to be not a queen but a princess
Not a Goddess, Not an angel
Thoughts of death never crossed her mind
Her mind so innocent
Death does not exist
Neither does true love or hate
A small girl with no wish for money
Not caring about her appearance
Not caring what people think
Not hearing the silent whispers that ring quietly…
The girl is older now
Dealing with the leaders of the cliques
Being bullied everyday
Wishing for a dream
She still hopes to be a princess,
Not a queen
She wants hardly nothing
But a small dream
Thinking it won’t happen
Not believing in love
Believing in only hate
She bleeds crimson every night
As she’s handed the blade.
She feels so alone
No princess is she…
The days pass
Small glances and bitter sweet eye contact
The mood has changed
The young girl knows now,
She’s a princess for that one-someone
He cares
She smiles foolishly
The blood has stopped leaking,
The blade put away.
She now believes in it all
All the hate and love
She knows it’s all real
And she..
Accepts that.

~Simple Girl, by Emerald Weimer

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