USELESS, by Reagan F

“Useless,” is the word you say,
She asks you to just, please leave
And you do nothing but stay
So she no longer believes.

You push her down to the ground
She goes home and cuts her wrists
Ba, dum, her fragile heart pounds,
Breaking because of your fists.

The tormenting and rumors
Have driven her to the edge
Your friends think it’s all humor
Don’t you see, she’s at the ledge?

Crowds from below start to cry,
“Oh, beautiful, please don’t leap,”
She trembles, about to die
No one knows she cut too deep.

As she stands upon the roof,
She loses her consciousness,
It won’t be long ’til I’m loose,
And I fall into darkness.

The time has come, she must go,
She falls in the deep abyss
But no one will ever know,
The word on her mind, “Useless.

~Useless, by Reagan F

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