BULLY, by Jesse van W, Netherlands

I’ve been the bully, and the victim
been the one they needed most
played the hero and the villain
served as parasite and host

Fueled by happy smiles or empty eyes
Didn’t really matter, no
As long as it was fun to me
It was easy letting go

But on the day I met that girl
the mask came off my face
She told me all she had been through
and found warmth in my embrace

All the things that had been done to her
No one should live such a life
She has the scars, those hidden burns
as proof of her own strife

The mask, it lies here, shattered now
Broken far beyond repair
I will never hurt or hide again
Because it simply isn’t fair

I will take a stand for those who can’t
Take their fears down one by one
Declare war on all the bullies
Until all my work is done

~Bully, by Jesse van W, Netherlands
“As I look back on the past six years I have been bullied endlessly, and in return, preyed on weaker ones myself. I’d love to say it was a self-defense mechanism, but I wouldn’t buy that as an excuse from anyone, not even myself. To anyone who’s being bullied, or has been bullied before: You are not the only one, no matter how alone you feel. I too have felt like you do now. I hated myself for not being stronger. I never blamed anyone else but me. I have thought about suicide countless times, and even stood on the edge, twice, ready to jump. But I chose not to, I decided my life, however pointless, was worth it.

And what do you know, that same year, I graduated from high school, had the best vacation ever, and became a student. I met a girl there, who was being bullied just as much as I have been, if not more. And I saw the strength within her, the burning desire to be herself. We became closest friends, sharing everything, and our continuing friendship left me with infinite happy memories. I even convinced her to not commit suicide herself. We’ll part ways not long from now, but wow, was it worth it. I knew I had a reason to live, and these two years haven proven me right. I will find more reasons, and so will you. You are not alone. Even if you don’t see a reason to live, I know there is.

If you are a bully, and truly regret what you’ve done, you will do as I have, and fight for the ones you would otherwise call targets. You will fight in their defense, instead of against it.

I’ve been a bully myself, and until I can forgive myself, I will continue to protect those around me as long as I deem nessecary. And to be honest, it feels a lot better to help people than it does to put them in need of help.”

2 thoughts on “BULLY, by Jesse van W, Netherlands”

  1. Thank you once again for letting me know about your project. Should I ever think of something else along these lines, I'll be sure to let you know. :)-Jesse, 19 years old.

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