RISING ABOVE, A letter from Morven F

Since starting this project in April 2011, we have been overwhelmed by the response — powerful submissions arriving daily from all over the world. We are also moved by the many e-mails we receive about how YWR is making a difference. This week we received one from Morven F, whose previous contribution to the project, “Freak,” was originally posted one month after we launched. Today as we celebrate our 600th post, we thought her inspiring letter would be a perfect way to mark the occasion. 

Hello there!
Around.. last year I suppose, I submitted a piece of art to your project, and your response was great! I was very proud of my work, and after that, I always had a look and wee search of your site from time to time and I’m emailing you now as I realise how much you’ve helped me. I had seriously low self-esteem back then, and I did not believe in myself and especially not in my work, so having people compliment my work like that and then being able to see other peoples work on the same subject, well it brightened my mood, made me realise that I can do things successfully.
It’s come so far, and I’ve grown so much that I am now in University studying Mental Health Nursing and my plan is to make a social enterprise business once I’ve graduated, in which I will be doing Art Therapy. I’ve always found art as a personal outlet of anger or frustration, but through your project I’ve realised that it helps everyone, so this is my dream, and I have to give thanks to you!
If there is anything I can do to help, or contribute I would be happy to as you’ve already helped me so much.
~Morven F

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