~Join the Fight Against Bullying, by Kelsey S
“I designed this piece due to a very rough year for my town when we had a beautiful 12 year old commit suicide due to bullying. Her mom began to campaign against bullying in hopes to raise awareness to this ever growing problem. It was her actions that got me to help her in any way I could. As a child I was bullied because being overweight makes you a freak for whatever reason. Every mean and horrible thing that was ever mentioned about me still burns in my skull every single day and it affects me. I try to not let it bother me but it does and now the problem progressively gets worse now that my younger friends in high school are being bullied. My friend’s sister tried to commit suicide because people bullied her so badly. My only wish is for it to stop. People can not fully understand the problem until they have experienced it for themselves whether it’s them personally or their own children. What will it take to teach people that bullying is wrong and that words really do hurt. My result of being bullied has caused me to accept the fact that I am worthless. Insults are more like compliments now and compliments are viewed as jokes to me. It has messed with me mentally and that damage will take years to reverse.”

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