~There’s Always a Light, by JoanaBVB
“So, there was this 12 year old girl named Lara Burns. She was an open BVB fan, for other, she didn’t have any problem with assuming her love for BVB and, for that, she was intensely cyberbullied. Due to pressure, she took her own life.

‘BVB Army, Please join us in mourning the loss of one of our own. Please remember that even in your darkest moments you still have the choice to focus your energy on the positive and create a better life.’ – Andy Biersack, Vocalist, Song Writer and Frontman from BVB.

It was that message that I tried to transmit with the image that was requested by the club itself.

In the background there’s four lyrics from four songs by Black Veil Brides – Carolyn, Never Give In, Sweet Blasphemy and Savior. Then, there’s the white text that I wrote saying “There’s always a light. Embrace it.”. Now, this has a more general message, not particularly for Lara.

You see, Bullying and Cyber Bullying are great problems from society nowadays. Even if we don’t suffer with it, it’s around us. It’s impregnated in society, but no one wants to see it.

People like Lara are victims of these two threats every day. Their morals are lowered and so are their self-esteem, their confidence, their happiness, their will to live… People reach a breaking point and start cutting, drinking, consuming drugs, etc, etc. Then, there the extreme cases of depression where people think it’s not worth it anymore. They try to hold back the instinct of ending it all once and for all, they try to live one more day in hope everything will, somehow, turn better… But it doesn’t, so, sadly, they take the razor, take the pills, hang themselves, jump in front of the train, jump from the building…

The reality from nowadays is heartbreaking but, fortunately, there are still good people around. By the recent means of communication, like the Internet, people from all around the world get connected and, although it’s a way to spread Cyber Bullying, it is a way for people to connect with the survivors from this pest that is bullying. They speak, maybe get friends and, therefore, support, love… They feel that there are people the care. Even if it’s not enough to help them from taking their life away, it is enough to help them live one more day.

If you ever know about someone that is a victim of Bullying or Cyberbullying, please, never neglect helping them. Even though you might not understand why they’re so sad about everything, try to see their side and support them.

These two threats aren’t a joke and shouldn’t be taken like one. People die everyday as a consequence of some people’s rudeness and insensibility.

It’s sad to see what this world has come to but, as long there’s still good people, there’s means to fight back the odds.

‘You’re Not Alone, We’ll Brave This Storm, And Face Today, You’re Not Alone’

‘Never Give In, Never Back Down, Never Give In, Never Back Down. When Your Life Feels Lost, Fight Against All Odds, Never Give In, Never Give In, Never Back Down.’

‘That I Won’t Believe This Lie, I Know There’s Something More Inside, When Darkness Is All You’ll See, This Is Our Sweet Blasphemy’

‘A Savior Will Be There, When You Are Feeling Alone, Oh. A Savior For All That You Do, So You Live Freely Without Their Harm’

Thank you all for reading this description, it really means a lot.”

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