STOP, by Brytton "Lisil V" M


~STOP, by Brytton “Lisil V” M
“This is a piece I did for my art class. The idea was to create two separate works that collaborated with each other: the first part of it was to be an image or a collage of images, while the second part was text, or a word, that related to the images. This is the collage part of my piece; the word I used was ‘STOP’. I also included my display when I presented it on the day of the critique, you can’t see the word very well, but I thought I’d include it anyway.

If you look closely, you will see silhouettes of people pointing and laughing, the rag doll represents anyone who has ever been picked on or bullied (notice it’s raggedy look and sad expression), I also chose brighter colors and gave it that ‘finger painting’ look to represent the children who also experience this.”

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