~True Colors, by Saria N
“At first glance, it’s doesn’t particularly make a great deal of sense. Mainly because the character is a tad out of context to new comers. The picture was essentially made after listening to “True Colours” a song by “Artists Against Bullying” With a few other songs in the mix. The character used is Lumina, and throughout middle school and highschool she was bullied ruthlessly, causing her to grow a hard and cold exterior (which is basically a defensive coping mechanism). Throughout the story, though, she reveals that underneath it she’s just a shy, quiet and quite a well intentioned girl.┬áThe character is from a group on DA where the characters are humanized Pokemon. Her Pokemon, happens to be a Glaceon, an Ice type. Therefore, I found it’d be more befitting if instead of a Rainbow, there would be an Aurora. Incidentally that is the name of the place she works at. In this manner, it suits both her views, and her persona in general.”

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