They talk and whisper
Meaningless things

The words they say
Directly to me

I don’t know what to do

They wouldn’t stop gawking
They wouldn’t stop poking

The feelings welled up inside

It hurts, it hurts
I say

But no one hears

The teachers ignore me
My peers don’t care

I wonder if
I’ll ever be free

Of this hell

~They Wouldn’t Stop, by Emi
“I wrote this about when there was a problem at my school, where someone made a Facebook page that started rumors about a lot of kids at my school. While I wasn’t a victim, my friend was. She was teased relentlessly and ignored by many. Only me and a one of our other friends stayed with her. She was called a “whore” and “bitch” all those horrible names. The police got involved and shut the page down. The bullying quieted down a small bit. She still gets bullied today, even though that Facebook page shut down over a year ago.”

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