AGONY, by RyLoReservoir

~Agony, by RyLoReservoir
“Last year during art class, our teacher asked us to make a drawing that would raise social awareness. He didn’t really give a specific area for us to work on. I guess he wanted us to speak our own mind about the issues we want society to take notice of. I slept after going home and woke up about 9:00 in the evening to start my work. In my mind I was searching for an answer to my dizzying questions: What do I want society to notice? What do I want to stand up for? What do I draw to help?

I sat in front of the computer for quite some time looking for references but alas! I wasn’t able to find anything. Then I realized that I didn’t need the internet to find the answer. The answer was within my mind and heart… mental anguish. The pain of being rejected. The feeling of wanting to vanish. That inexplicable fear running through your veins every time you wake up in the morning… Yup~ I knew what I wanted to draw.

I guess I wanted other people to realize that they are not the only ones who can feel. Spouting words like they don’t mean anything… Pulling pranks… The endless self-pity and terror we felt… I wanted it to end. Well, I did not really experience bullying like other people did but I have experienced some of the things they felt at one time or another. I guess I wanted society to see that. I wanted people to be more sensitive… to think before they speak… to analyze things before they judge… to put themselves in other people’s shoes…

Yup~ That’s what I wanted them to realize. I wanted respect, equality, and understanding. 🙂

I greatly encourage people to turn whatever they’re feeling inside into art~ 🙂 Why? Well~ I guess… from experience.. I could say… I was really amazed to see that something so heavy inside of me… when placed on paper/clay/marble/canvas… could turn into something inspiring for other people.. ^-^”

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