Shes the one they call sane

But under all the fake smiles

All she really feels is pain

As they say, back in the day

“Theres only so much one person can take
before their beating heart starts to break.”

Beyond repair

All while strangers stop and stare, unaware

Of what little time her sanity has to spare

She silently battles away her grief

A war that is not ended brief

Slyly tucks her tears in a sheath

Closes her eyes and grits her teeth

Classmates walk passed and laugh

“Why is she so quiet?”, they ask

“Because you all pushed me away, I am deemed outcast”

She drinks down pills

To shadow the pain that kills

It is all that she feels

Aside from her blood-stained, scared wrists

From every time she just really had the shits

At every abusive parent

And at everyone that found her transparent

So, there she sits all alone

Back against the alley’s brick wall

A lonesome teen runaway

Hoping one day to stand tall…

~The One They Called Sane, by Richelle P
“Everyday for the past 3 years, every lunch break I sit down by myself and eat my lunch. I never talk to anyone. I never try to have friends or fit in. Thats just a dream now. some good souls try to befriend me, but I decline. I’m too used to being alone to ever fit in with anyone. I only have my online friends and family to comfort me. Please. Don’t end up like me.”

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