~Not everything can be repaired, by Penguin Genius
“There’s this story that goes around the internet. There’s a good message to it. This story, I will tell you, but in my own words.

The teacher had stood up slowly, walking away from her desk and towards her class. The children had hoped that they weren’t going to be handed with the usual complicated maths sheet about algebra. But this maths teacher had other plans in mind for the panicking children today. Instead of handing out the maths sheet, she gave out blank pieces of paper.

“Now class, I would like you to scrunch up the piece of paper as much as you can, but be careful to not to tear it,” the teacher commanded in a gentle yet strong tone.

The children were too relieved to question her. They had been doing just that until their teacher spoke once again.

“Next, I would like you to say sorry to the piece of paper that you scrunched up, until I tell you to stop.”

The class had been even confused by their teacher’s actions, but had once again, done what they were asked until their teacher spoke again.

“Unfold it, and try to smooth it out.”

They did exactly that. But the paper was still crinkled.

“Do you see? No matter how many times you say sorry, or try to fix it, it’ll still be left with scars that you caused. This is what happens when you hurt someone else. No matter how guilty or sorry you are, you can’t get rid of those scars, they’ll always be there with them through their life.”

As the words left their teachers mouth, the class stayed silent, too surprised to say anything.”

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